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Croatia recalls a diplomat for xenofobic declarations

A Croatian diplomat who admiringly said that "just white Europeans" could be seen on her country's coastline has been recalled from her post amid accusations of racism.

Screen shots of the comments on the private Facebook account of the Berlin embassy's first secretary Elizabeta Madjarevic were first exposed on Friday by a local news portal,

“Pure and authentic Europe. Just white Europeans as it used to be only 30 years ago in the whole Europe,” reads one post written earlier this month beneath photos of what looks like the Croatian coastline.

“This should be a good advertisement for vacations. One would think this is no longer possible but luckily it is,” she continued.

In another comment Madjarevic wrote: “Migrants, mostly Muslims, arrive to Europe not just for the social benefits and European passport... but also for the political reasons of islamisation [sic] agenda. Europe, you need to learn to say no and build your self-respect and Christian identity”.

She also shared an article which she claimed showed “how LGBTQ is tied to pedophilia”.

The foreign minister said Ms Madjarevic was “recalled, her mandate is interrupted, she is under suspension”.

He dismissed her earlier claims that her Facebook account had been “hacked”.

“Croatia shares European values, while racism, any forms of xenophobia or other intolerance have no place in diplomacy,” the minister told reporters, saying further punishment would follow.

Ms Madjarevic's profile was no longer publicly available on Facebook.

President Colinda Grabar-Kitarovic hailed the ministry's “quick reaction” to the case.

“Statements that boost intolerance and racism are unacceptable