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Extraodinary work of Austrian fire brigade members

Extraodinary work of fire brigade members teams  from Trandorf and Spitz Wachau in Lower Austria


The two teams of fire brigades from Lower Austria placed in Trandorf and Spitz Wachau could be an example of the perfect organization of fire brigades in Austria .

The croatian girl Raquel who lives last few months in Trandorf, in the old house with big terrain that her parents bought few years ago, has informed us about the amazing help she got from fire brigade members  .The  first time was immedaiately when she  arrived in the house in Trandorf  and was informed by the first  neighbour about the presence of poisoneus snake so called "vipera berus" in front of her garden .She was in house with her dogs and cats so she was worried when she found out that some eggs from kitchen was eaten .She asked help of so many persons , animal associations, but the only who came in the house to make a complete control were members of fire brigade from Trandorf  .They came in half an hour and check all the house and  gave her the number of the snake expert from Vienna in the case that there is further missing of the food.The expert from Vienna said that there are no poisonous snakes in that area , especially around houses .Fortunately it was a false alarm and the neighbour who said that he saw the poisonous snake informed her that he made a mistake, it was a small snake from the river that is not poisonous .

The second time when she called the fire brigade members to help her , was yesterday evening ,when the door of the room where the dog entered was blocked and after  she tried without success for more than an hour to resolve the problem and to unblock it the only persons who helped her this time were also members of fire brigade.The member of fire brigade from Spitz Wachau helped in translation and found two members of fire brigade from Trandorf who came immediately  and resolved the problem with blocked door in five minutes.

"I feel secure knowing that team of fire brigades is nearby since they helped me in two dramatical situations for me.I would like ince more to exspress my gratitude to them publically " declared Raquel.

Our redaction will put them on the list to get Premium for helping the people in difficulties .

Austria should be proud on their fire brigades work and help any time they are  called !