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21 Macron apre le frontiere a paesi EU Gloria Agripinski 73
22 Malta refused migrants from Libya Sanja Admin 74
23 Si apre la sanatoria per i migranti in Italia Sanja Admin 77
24 Restriction of movements in EU can worsen economic situation Gloria Agripinski 79
25 Some EU countries extended internal border control Sanja Admin 86
26 Italy asked to rescue migrants Sanja Admin 81
27 Fermati sbarchi di migranti Sanja Admin 84
28 Angela Merkel accused for letting the eurozone down Gloria Agripinski 116
29 Migrants on Greek Islands are offered 2000 euros to leave Greece voluntary Gloria Agripinski 107
30 Migrant crises on Turkish borders Sanja Admin 125
31 Turkish migrant crisis Sanja mihaljinac 113
32 Problems with migrants on Greek border Sanja mihaljinac 124
33 The Shengen Agreement will not be suspended Sanja Admin 132
34 The Shengen Agreement will not be suspended Sanja Admin 129
35 Ex minister Salvini lost his senator immunity Sanja Admin 157
36 Division and hate politics is not welcome in the UK Gloria Agripinski 168
37 Ex minister Salvini could be processed on tribunal Gloria Agripinski 169
38 Migrant crisis in Greece Sanja Admin 192
39 Spostato il voto di processo a Salvini Gloria Agripinski 171
40 953 migrants sent back to Libia in first two months in 2020 Sanja Admin 166