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Sardines conquested Rome

They call themselves "sardines", like the fish that move in packs and need to stay together to fight a bigger enemy. Their non-violent protests are carried out in silence, the same way fish are known to emit no sound.

Tens of thousands of people crammed together in Rome on Saturday as part of the growing “sardines” movement against the leader of the far-right League and Italy’s former deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, and his allies.

Protesters converged in Piazza San Giovanni early in the afternoon in a bid “to further shake up the country’s politics and battle xenophobia”, in what was billed as their biggest rall.

According to Massimo Panarari, an expert in social communication, the Sardines are reacting to the current Italian political crisis, and have no intention to replace any party. On the contrary, they are prompting people to stand by Italian politicians.

The movement began in Bologna in mid-November. At that time, the League had organised a rally in the city to campaign for the Emilia-Romagna regional election.