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New president Biden immediately started with changes

Distribiton and administration of the Covid vaccine is America's biggest logistical challenge, along with saving the economy. This was stated by President Joe Biden, pointing out that systemic racism still exists in the United States.


"But - says Biden - we have the opportunity to change things".

"When I accepted this position from President Joe Biden, we agreed that the priority is to bring truth and transparency into the press briefing": said the new White House spokesperson, Jen Psaki, in her first meeting with reporters, where he illustrated the 15 executive orders of the new US president. Biden has started immediately with changes of Trump policy towards immigration ,security and foreign policy .

Joe Biden's first phone call to a foreign leader, Psaki added, will be made on Friday and directed to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This will be the first in a series of calls by the new US president addressed to allied partners.