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Top physicist believes that UFOs are real!(And that they have visited us!)

If you have lived in Omaha, Nebraska long enough and have an interest in UFOs, you are certain to have heard about Dr. John C. Kasher. He is a professor of physics at UNO and has said that he is very much convinced now that earth has been visited by extraterrestrials."However, I am unsure about interdimensional visits-although that could certainly could be part of the picture," he told me several years ago in an interview for the Omaha Metro Update. Dr. Kasher has won numerous awards for his teaching and has also been a consultant and summer employee at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for over 30 years and is considered an academic specialist in electromagnetic theory and the propogation of electromagnetic waves. And he has also done consulting for NASA. Since the early 1970s he has been a consultant for MUFON(Mutual UFO Network).

"I frequently talk to people who have seen spacecraft of lights in the sky or sincerely feel that they have been abducted," he told me?.I asked him whether some of these people were unbalanced. He said,"I suppose there is some of that, but not the ones I've dealt with. I have personal friends who have told me about their experiences. I have one friend who appears to have been abducted on several occasions. This is a very intelligent person not at all prone to telling stories. In fact, as a general rule, people with this kind of experience are reluctant to talk about it.


"Often they are afraid that people will think they are crazy or fabricating a story. For this reason I believe that they are telling the truth as they believe it." Dr. Kasher spoke of Budd Hopkins, a UFO investigator who has hypnotized many people around the world and subsequently believes that the worldwide number of abductions is in the hundreds of thousands. He pointed out that hypnosis may be needed because extraterrestrials have a way of blotting out human memory.

"I want to be a cautious scientist in approaching this matter,"Dr. Kasher said."Some scientists are too restrictive in exploring what's possible. And this stuff isn't repeatable and verifiable. You cannot summon a flying saucer to run tests on it. Yet scientists must be open to the possibility of a truth that we may not be capable of capturing with our science at its present state of development. The big question is 'are they here?' And if they are here, then we will have to concede a lot of science we don't understand. And we need to also ask 'why' they are here," he said.

Dr. Kasher has explored numerous UFO cases over the phone, visiting sites and taking samples, interviewing people? who claim to have seen things. He is frequently asked to look at evidence in the field such as circular burn marks in fields, balls of light, and things cut out of the soil and left on the ground in geometric forms-to name a few. On February 20th, Dr. Kasher gave a speech and presentation entitled "UFOs are real". He reiterated much of the information he gave me in our interview from years ago and also had some striking new information! A few months ago a B-17 over O'Hare Airport near Chicago actually saw a UFO! Clouds were at a 2,000 ft cover and the UFO hovered slightly below that at around 1900 ft. 4 United Airlines Mechanics also saw the UFO and reported that it had burned a hole through the cloud cover up to 6,000 ft. which allowed them to see the blue sky above! After showing 30-40 snapshots of different crafts, Dr. Kasher told of how, after a Russian missle silo had turned the missles off-UFOs flew over it and turned them back on! On the other side of the world in Montana, UFOs flying over a whole series of 21 silos managed to turn? 19 of them off. He felt that Russians were open about UFOs and that they had told pilots to shoot at them if they saw them(UFOs). And last of all he admitted that he still was not sure why they were here.